Rediscovering opportunities through sustainable impact in supporting horticulture development in the cross border area

About the project

Project ROSIS4H “Rediscovering opportunities through sustainable impact in supporting horticulture development in the cross border area”. The project is realized within the Interreg IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program Croatia – Serbia 2014 – 2020. The total value of the project is 564,258.22 euros , while the amount of co-financing from the EU funds is 479,619.46 euros.

The main goal is to support the strengthening of competitiveness in horticulture in the program area by capitalizing on the results of the previous Rosis, Rosas, Rosarum (3R) project and improving the efficiency of relevant agricultural competence centers. The project leader is the Brodsko – posavska County Development Center and the partners Šabac City, the Agricultural School with the Student Center – Šabac, Matija Antun Reljkovic High School Slavonski Brod, Regional Center for Biotechnical Research and Development of Brodsko – Posavska County d.o.o.

The project contributes to the competitiveness of the sector through better selective production selection, targeting higher quality standards and reducing the impact of hazardous substances, insecticide and pesticides on food chain products. The horticultural sector will be able to present an attractive value chain and thus stimulate new sector investment. Special attention will be paid to activities of mutual networking of all participants in horticulture.

Target groups include local and regional administrations, interest groups and associations, institutions for higher education and research, education centers and schools, micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in agriculture and OPGs, entrepreneurial support institutions and the public.


Knowledge base


The ROSIS4H project is implemented in the Brod-Posavina County in the Republic of Croatia and the Macva District (City of Šabac) in the Republic of Serbia, and continues on the project RUZE 1 (ROSIS, ROSAS, ROSARUM) where the target groups from both countries worked on the creation of the futurein horticulture with high potentials.

The users of this platform will be interest groups, including associations and clusters;small, medium-sized entrepreneurs and OPGs in the horticulture sector;educational and research institutions;business support organizations, competence centers;local, regional and national authorities and interested public.


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