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The ROSIS4H project is a result of successful cooperation between the Brodsko-Posavska County and Makarska County / Šabac area, and continues on the cross-border project of RUŽE 1 (ROSIS, ROSAS, ROSARUM), which encouraged the use of opportunities for cross-border horticultural production based on common interests and values and strategies for cross-border joint activities. The project idea has stimulated common interests and common values that support the socio-economic development of both administrative areas. The target groups from both countries worked together to create the future in high-potential horticulture. The project has significantly contributed to promoting business cooperation, increasing cross-border trade, developing labor market mobility, cross-border research and development and joint economic planning.

The same ideas were run by “old” partners in designing the project idea for the project “ROSIS4H”. The main partner of the project, Brodsko-posavska County Development Center, in partnership with Šabac, Regional Center for Biotechnical Research and Development of Brodsko-Posavska County Ltd., Matija Antun Reljkovic Secondary School and Slavonski Brod Agricultural School with Šabac School, through 21 the duration of the project will continue to strengthen the influence of the competence centers (established in the previous cross-border project) which have progressively developed in a sustainable manner over time. Their impact will be enhanced through the integration of entrepreneurial support institutions, clusters, educational and scientific research institutions and entrepreneurs into a virtual cross-border competence center using innovative IT solutions such as e-platform, B2B services, participation in fairs, capacity building of competence centers, partner schools , research and entrepreneurial support institutions.

The project will contribute to sector competitiveness through better selective production selection, targeting higher quality standards and reducing the impact of hazardous substances from insecticide and pesticides on food chain products. The horticultural sector will be able to present an attractive value chain and thus stimulate new sector investments. Special attention will be paid to activities of mutual networking of all participants in horticulture.


– Support the strengthening of competitiveness in horticulture in the program area by capitalizing on the results of the previous Rosis, Rosas, Rosarum (3R) and enhancing the effectiveness of the relevant competence centers (Agricultural School with Šabac School Home, Matija Antun Reljkovic Secondary School and Regional Center for Biotechnical Research and Development Brodsko-Posavska County Ltd.).

– Support the integration of entrepreneurial support institutions, educational research institutes and cluster-entrepreneurs into the holistic process of horticulture development using e-platform as a cross-border competence center;

– Encourage the use of information technology

– To support the development of the market through the promotion of competence centers in quality service providers in the horticulture sector.


– Increasing / strengthening of existing centers of competences in horticulture and their interconnection;

– Strengthening cluster support in horticulture through feasibility studies and action plans for their improvement, development and opportunities as incubators;

– Development of a study of further development of RBTC;

– Trainer Training for Cluster Management;

– Trainer training for sustainable use of pesticides in accordance with EU rules;

– Provide professional support to entrepreneurs and growers to increase their capacity and abilities;

– Strengthening entrepreneurial support institutions to respond to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses with an emphasis on rural development and to improve service providers and processors;

– Study visits to successful fruit growers in Slavonia;

– Study visits to roses, berries and red fruits and auctioneers in the Netherlands;

– Maintaining a workshop on innovation in horticulture based on the Blue Economy;

– networking of entrepreneurs through direct meetings;

– Organizing a regional rose fair in Šapc and an agricultural fair in Slavonski Brod.

Expected results

– 10 entrepreneurs from the program area actively use the cross-border e-platform as a source of information and advice;

– 5 agricultural clusters from the program area cross-border cross-border e-platform;

– Developed and established cross-border e-platform through which advisory support in the horticulture sector is provided;

– A wider population uses publicly available cross-border desks with e-platform access;

– Improved existing and developed 5 new services in the competence center for the horticulture sector and are available to the target group;

– By using the “Blue Economy” standard, the environmental impact of sectoral activities decreased by 2%.

Project value: 564 258,22 EUR
Total co-financing amount: 479 619,46 EUR
Project duration: 1.9.2017. - 31.5.2019.
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