Regional Biotech Research and Development Centre (RBTC)

Regional Biotech Research and Development Centre (RBTC) core business is research, development and production of in vitro seedlings of vegetables, fruits, flowers, ornamental trees and other kinds of herbs and spices. RBTC was established in 2013 as main nucleus of innovative virus-free seedling production techniques (in the County and potentially in the wider NUTS II region) and generator of partnership activities related to research, training and development in agriculture. It was founded by the Brod-Posavina County, High school Matija Antun Reljkovic Slavonski Brod (P4) and Technology Development Centre – Development Agency of Brod-posavina County ltd. (LP) as a result of an IPA IIIc business related infrastructure grant scheme.
RBTC was built and equipped with laboratory equipment, custom-made shelves for acclimatization chambers, consumables for virus-free initial production, furniture and IT equipment. The seedlings produced in this manor are disease free and can improve the competitiveness of the producers that uses them – the virus-free plants are less susceptible to disease and give higher yields. The centre is also developing research potential and advisory component in hydroponic technology that will improve the employability of highly qualified work force in the country as well as improve the overall success rate and profitability of the entrepreneurs that use them. This branch of research will enable new methods and models of production of seedlings and planting materials, and advising the existing and new agricultural producers and providing them with full support in their production ventures.

Regional Biotech Research and Development Centre (RBTC)


Address: I. Cankara 76, 35000 Slavonski Brod, Hrvatska
Phone: +385 35 416 218

Email: [email protected]

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